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Real Estate Raw Land Grab

Others on the Democratic side of the coin believe that there should be land set aside for the public, and that it’s not fair if everyone develops their property anyway they’d like because that would make the cities unlivable, and take away from nature. Then there are those land conservation groups and nature conservancy groups who are willing to split the divide, and take on donations, or match with government funds the ability to buy property from those who own it, and then they can set it aside because they have property rights which allow them the freedom to not develop their properties.

That makes sense right? Well now due to the global economic challenges, real estate in many parts of our country is still very depressed. That means there are big chunks of land available for sale for much less than they ever have been in the last 30 years. Many conservation groups have prime pieces of real estate that were set aside previously, and they can sell those now for a huge profit, and therefore use that money to buy even more land. That makes sense too.

Now then, a word of advice; those Nature Conservancy type groups should indeed buy up these properties before the economic recovery has all the prices of that type of real property increasing at a rapid rate. Indeed, they may even wish to buy more than they need, and hold some of that property to sell for later at a profit to buy even more property thus parlaying their investment in open space, and undeveloped land.