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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Land Surveys Are An Important

First it is important to determine the reasons behind the purchase. There are many common reasons people look to buy land that is not developed such as; building a home, creating a residence for vacationing or for an investment. Sometimes you can have an interest in purchasing the piece of property for a combination of the reasons listed above and for each a different list of considerations and priorities will need to be met through the property.

When looking for a primary residence you are looking at aspect such as privacy, easy access to the town, close schools and playgrounds or even the idea of being close to, near or on water.

If you are looking to build a vacation home it may be important that you are surrounded by things to do. If hiking interests you than a location close to the mountains may be important.

If you are looking into property as an investment you will be considering the market, the location and the potential growth of the area.

It is important to remember that purchasing a piece of land is a personal decision and the requirements for how the land will be used and why are unique to the individual purchasing it.

It is also important to figure out what kind of return will be made upon selling the property. Consider other parcels located within the area you are looking to purchase. If you are purchasing the land as an investment you are looking for areas that are areas considered to be good for potential future growth.

Another thing to consider is if you will need to proceed with obtaining a new mortgage or will you are able to proceed with the purchase as a cash purchase. Many people feel getting a mortgage is a difficult step in making a purchase of this magnitude. I however disagree and believe it is harder to pay the mortgage off not get the mortgage in the first place. If you can’t pay for the property you risk having it foreclosed leaving you without money or land.

Information of Private Property Rights

An owner of private property has the:

a. Right to use his land;
b. Right to rent his home or land;
c. Right to decide who the renter can be;
d. Right to decide how land or rights or portions of land can be used or not used as long as it does not harm society or the public;
e. Right to collect all rents the land produces;
f. Right to give, sell, rent any of the rights an owner has in the land;
g. Right to exchange or give away or sell at any price the owner wants to charge that a buyer or receiver is willing to pay or accept.
h. Right to exchange or sell the lands resources with someone willing to trade;
i. Right to have exclusive rights and use of the resources on the land;
j. Exclusive rights to use and choose which portions of the land and rights to use at any given time.

Restrictions and controls on private real estate obviously have a negative affect on a free country. The value of land and real estate is determined by the demand and desire of others. The highest and best use of the real estate or land is influenced by what the public perceives it is and what they feel they can do with it and what the highest value and best use is that the property commands. The owner gets the choice to either sell or rent for that highest paying use or may choose to allow or rent or sell for a lesser use for less money. Private property rights are the prevailing force of land control and control of natural resources in a truly free society rather than government control or control through destructive competition.

All property or real estate enjoys the same rights. Rights an owner has in real estate vary property to property even when next door to one another. The more complete the private property rights an owner has in his land, the more people understand those rights, the more people will pay or compete for a property with more complete owner’s property rights, all other influences being the same. Would you pay more or less for 10 acres that you can never build on due to restrictive land use laws versus similar 10 acres you can build 10 homes on and you can build anything you want on?

Land use controls imposed by the government do not reduce the need for desire or demand for housing or land and devalue land that is overly restricted. Individual liberty are protected by private property rights. Private property rights are human rights.

Manage Hunting Property for Sale

Water bodies
Next is check out for the presence of river, ponds, swamps, lowlands, or lakes in that region. These are the source of water for the wild animals. They flock at these rivers or lakes etc during the day to quench their thirst and in summers to keep themselves cool from the heat of the scorching sun. Presence of another water body anywhere nearby or around the hunting property is an added benefit for you.

Farmland and crops
Some hunting properties have crops grown on them. Farms or cropland not only add beauty to the land but also become the source of food for different kinds of animals. For example, animals like deer and grouse are attracted towards sunflowers, cloves and corns crops. A farming land nearby the hunting property will also benefit you as animals are bound to come in the region for food. More food and water for animals make better chances of their breeding. You as a buyer should be aware whether the kind of crops grown here are attracting the wild fauna or are they just not much use for a hunting property.

Hunting Property Management
These days Hunting Property Management is getting popular. People buy a land and especially prepare it as a hunting land or property. They groom, enhance and maintain land for developing and harvesting wildlife. They use many techniques such as planting food crops or plots, making the terrain, developing herd and maintain water body etc. Such management techniques help in better breeding of wild animals and improving herd quality. Such lands are in great demand. The quality of such lands makes them expensive as they completely fulfill all the parameters of a good hunting property for sale.

Some Factors to Consider Before Buy Land

Proximity to office or place of work

That you have become a land lord is not a reason why your work or business should suffer. This is an important factor to consider before embarking on a building project. I have seen people who have to abandon their business in the city because they moved to their own house in a remote part of the state.

Thereafter they would not be able to make money the way they have been doing before becoming a landlord. Houses that are in far remotes areas could be let out pending the time the owners would be buoyant enough to shoulder the challenges of living there without any regrets.

Proximity to electricity

Electricity is an essential factor to be considered when planning to build your home. Running a home without access to electricity could be very costly and frustrating. It will impact negatively on your budget. It may even impact negatively on your health.

It may not be readily available in your proposed estates at the time of buying the land but it should not be far from its vicinity. The cost of installing electricity to the site should however be friendly and easily affordable if it is to be installed in a short time.

Proximity to telephone / internet networks

The world today revolves around technology, and telephone and internet are major drivers. However it is not unlikely that these services are yet to be operational in several places.

Living in areas without telephone and internet access is like living on an island. In this global village that we live you will do well with good telephone and internet access without which you are not accessible, and cut off from the world of information.

Proximity to Bank/ATM

You will always need cash to run your life and home. Especially in an environment where e-commerce is still unpopular and many businesses still rely on traditional method of selling, there will be dependability on cash all the time when you are in your new home.

Unlike in the past when you can keep cash at home for as long time as possible the current security challenges faced by many countries does not allow the storage of excess currencies at home.

Access to a bank or an ATM would take off the burden of keeping and accessing cash as at when due, because without access to cash one could be stranded in the home. A situation where one will have to travel hours before accessing bank or ATM services should be avoided when conceiving the thoughts of building your own home.