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Ideal Plot Of Land For New Home

First, figure out exactly what you want out of your house. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms would you like? How many people will be living in the household on a daily basis? Do you have guests stay with you from time to time? This will help determine the amount of interior square footage you will need. Once you have a rough estimate of your interior household’s design and square footage, begin working on the exterior estimate for your home. Will you be installing an in-ground pool? Will you have a guest house? Will you have a 3-car garage? Will you have a garden? Take all of these ideas into account so you can determine what type of land will be friendly toward your endeavors, and exactly how large of a lot you will need (when combined with your estimate of the interior square footage).

Next, you will want to decide on the architectural type of house you’d like. Will you be going with a more modern home that uses

Find Cheap Land

One thing to keep in mind with land is that like all types of real estate, location is everything. One tenth of an acre in Manhattan could cost millions of dollars, but travel a few counties away from the cities and you can get many acres often for a few thousand dollars. The sweet spot is when you can find an area that’s close enough to a metropolitan area to be desirable, yet far enough that you can find a great deal.

The best types of sellers for cheap land are the ones who have a reasonable expectation of what their land is worth. Oftentimes, people have owned their land for decades and expect to be paid market value or higher just because they’ve paid taxes on the property for all these years. These are not the sellers you want to do business with.

Unfortunately, many of the properties listed on the Realtor’s MLS fit this description. They think their property is worth X amount because so-and-so down the street sold it for a big amount back

Tricks To Subdivide Property

Survey The Land

Survey the perimeters and boundaries of your property. A preliminary survey is performed as a fundamental step of your buying process, which will be conducted by a certified land surveyor. In this phase, the surveyor looks into their findings, dimensions and measurements next to the county records to find a blue line survey that will provide an officially authorized description of your property. In case you already acquired the property, you need to you need to survey only the portion of the land you want to subdivide from the rest of the property you own.

Identify The Division

Decide on how you want your land or a portion of your property to be subdivided. If you want to split the whole piece of real estate into single lots, you have to work with a land survey specialist all over again. To make the measurements, have a look at the individual lot sizes. You need to identify where the streets would be situated and how much space you want to divide each plot. Furthermore,

About Property Easements


Regardless of the type of easement, property values could suffer because of the potential for unsightliness and inconvenience. In addition, easements don’t typically come with expiration dates, so even as a new owner of a property you’re still inheriting the previous owner’s responsibility to observe the easement holder’s rights and privileges. It’s also important to note that no matter the percentage of land under an easement, property owners are still obligated to pay taxes on the entire parcel.


Given the potential headache an easement can become, it’s crucial that you’re fully aware of any restrictions and requirements tied to a property before proceeding with a sale. Thankfully, there are several options available to you in order to determine the number and type of existing easements.

If you are purchasing a home, typically you would obtain title insurance along with that purchase. As part of the title insurance process, a title company conducts a search to ensure that the title is legitimate and will also generate a report that details any and all issues associated with the property, including easements, outstanding

Raw Land Income


Have you noticed how many mini-storage rentals there are? If you have a building on site, this is also a potentially lucrative way to make extra money. These days, no-one seems to have enough room to store their stuff, making storage space a realistic way to earn some extra income. It may even be a wise investment to have a building put up if one does not exist. Those with an old barn could store four wheeler or boats during the off-season, making it one of the easiest ways to make extra money using your land (or trailers, campers, snowmobiles, classic cars -just about anything you can think of).


If you have level, open land that would be suitable for erecting tends, you should look into the logistics of starting a basic campground. Depending on the current condition of your property, it is possible to start up a campground with little start-up money. Usually to get started you only need stakes to make the sites, some campfire rings and a port-a-potty. There are so many free and inexpensive ways to advertise these days such as Craig’s List and that you can at

Buying Rural Property

One of the keys to getting a really good deal on rural or mountain property is knowing the market. By doing a lot of research online and in the newspaper, talking to agents and driving the area, you’ll get a good sense for market prices. This means that when you see a good deal, you’ll know immediately. When a property is listed for sale at a great price, it won’t last long. That’s why it’s so important for you to do your upfront research so that you will recognize it when you see it.

Once you find a potential property, there are some things that you want to be on the lookout for from the beginning. First, make sure that property is really in an area where you want to spend time. If you’re going to live there and work somewhere else, you do need to take into consideration your commute time.

Make sure that you understand what the water source is for the land. Some people are completely shocked and upset when they purchase property without realizing that it is serviced by a well or will require thousands of dollars to bring water onto the

Managers Approach Land Investments

equity index (performance adjusted for inflation) generated an annualised return of only 0.1 per cent. Bonds did better, with an annualised return of 6.1 per cent, benefiting from a low-interest rate environment that could change soon. Real assets including land can and often do perform much higher.

• Land assets are hedges against inflation – Real assets, including land, tend to rise in value with inflation. Fund managers value such things as farmland and forestry holdings because their products rise with inflation and increased yields (food and wood) over time as well. Considering strategic land investments, which prepares and converts raw land adding into housing-ready developments, the demand for housing and price increases that outpace inflation drive home this point.

• Land assets are non-correlative to financial markets – Land itself lost little value in the financial crisis while the financial markets were in a tailspin.

But to be clear, working in land investments comes with requirements:

• Illiquid, for better or worse – Almost all real assets cannot be disposed of easily. Investment in a joint venture land opportunity, for example, will come with contractual time parameters. It may be that the investor

Free Land Really Exist

Property identification if the first and primary step for you where you need to show your selectivity and undergo some detective work in order to identify a suitable plot of property for you to stake a claim on.

An unclaimed property always has some signs which one can identify. Overgrown gates and gardens, shrub lands, unused garages, broken or bordered up windows, even unused commercial premises and industrial buildings can be examples of such signs.

Always remember that these signs are not very obvious. So if you drive around your neighborhood, you will surely miss these subtle hints. You need to walk around the locality to be able to spot such signs.

You need to do the Registration Check once your property identification is done. That is, you need to contact the local land registry in order to check whether the said piece of land is already registered or unregistered. It may also be that the status is pending first application.

Firstly, if the status is that it is already registered it might be that the owner has died and has no relatives of his or maybe that his relatives do not want this

Buy Land For Farming

Buying land doesn’t have to be tricky if you have the right people helping you every step of the way. You will need a team of professionals you can call like agents, brokers and maybe even a lawyer. Buying a farm is quite different then buying a residential lot. This may seem obvious but have you considered what it means to purchase bulk acreage. Have you surveyed this acreage and made sure that it will meet all your requirements?

First, have all your financial ducks in a row, so to speak before you even begin looking to buy land. You will be ready to buy as soon as you find what you’re looking for, if your finacing has already been secured.

Secondly, you should choose an agent who has experience with selling farm land since there are many specifics involved in terms of paperwork and land requirements that everyone will need to be on the same page about. The USDA’s website has all the documentation for many different types of land purchases.

Third, you should carefully examine the property, do not really on pictures or hearsay. make sure yourself, that everything you want is there.

Need Land Surveyors

Legal Documents:

Legal documentation is the nightmare of every property buyer. Along with all the other necessities it also requires delicately calculated parameters of land distribution and other areas of the property. This way one learns about his rights and gets his legal permits to sue anybody who intrudes in his property. There are also cases when legal documentation are required for deeds, as the previous owner may have made any changes to it or it may be out dated. The surveyors help you to get rid of the major part of this ordeal the rest is not much of a trouble.

Boundary Disputes:

This problem is one of the most troublesome, when two neighbors have boundary disputes they end up at court but can be solved beforehand if they choose to go with a professional land survey and know what the surveyors decide. The use advanced equipments to calculate precisely and divide the boundaries in a rightful manner. Moreover, they guide both the neighbors about who owns which land and help them solve the dispute before it causes any financial or other loss to any of the both parties.

Use Land Wisely

These days entirely self-sufficient communities are being built. This is where you can live, work, shop, and participate in recreational activities within the boundaries of the community. Such places are especially popular with retirees and senior citizens. Knowing what kind of a community people want to live in will definitely help you develop your land wisely. Then it will prove to be a fantastic investment for you.

In another smart use of the land you can find property acquisitions that will allow you to construct commercial buildings. This is a very good move. People need places to work, places to shop, places to go for sporting events or cultural activities, even places to study and do research for school or for a job – like libraries. Again, find out the needs of the townspeople in the land you bought. Then plan a project that they can benefit from and improve the financial well-being of that town.

An entirely different way of wisely using land is to leave it in its natural state and develop it just enough for people and wildlife to visit. We’re talking about places such as national parks and forests; or land that

Real Estate Raw Land Grab

Others on the Democratic side of the coin believe that there should be land set aside for the public, and that it’s not fair if everyone develops their property anyway they’d like because that would make the cities unlivable, and take away from nature. Then there are those land conservation groups and nature conservancy groups who are willing to split the divide, and take on donations, or match with government funds the ability to buy property from those who own it, and then they can set it aside because they have property rights which allow them the freedom to not develop their properties.

That makes sense right? Well now due to the global economic challenges, real estate in many parts of our country is still very depressed. That means there are big chunks of land available for sale for much less than they ever have been in the last 30 years. Many conservation groups have prime pieces of real estate that were set aside previously, and they can sell those now for a huge profit, and therefore use that money to buy even more land. That makes sense too.

Now then, a word of advice; those

Land Surveys Are An Important

First it is important to determine the reasons behind the purchase. There are many common reasons people look to buy land that is not developed such as; building a home, creating a residence for vacationing or for an investment. Sometimes you can have an interest in purchasing the piece of property for a combination of the reasons listed above and for each a different list of considerations and priorities will need to be met through the property.

When looking for a primary residence you are looking at aspect such as privacy, easy access to the town, close schools and playgrounds or even the idea of being close to, near or on water.

If you are looking to build a vacation home it may be important that you are surrounded by things to do. If hiking interests you than a location close to the mountains may be important.

If you are looking into property as an investment you will be considering the market, the location and the potential growth of the area.

It is important to remember that purchasing a piece of land is a personal decision and the requirements for how the land will

Information of Private Property Rights

An owner of private property has the:

a. Right to use his land;
b. Right to rent his home or land;
c. Right to decide who the renter can be;
d. Right to decide how land or rights or portions of land can be used or not used as long as it does not harm society or the public;
e. Right to collect all rents the land produces;
f. Right to give, sell, rent any of the rights an owner has in the land;
g. Right to exchange or give away or sell at any price the owner wants to charge that a buyer or receiver is willing to pay or accept.
h. Right to exchange or sell the lands resources with someone willing to trade;
i. Right to have exclusive rights and use of the resources on the land;
j. Exclusive rights to use and choose which portions of the land and rights to use at any given time.

Restrictions and controls on private real estate obviously have a negative affect on a free country. The value of land and real estate is determined by the demand and desire of others. The highest and best

Manage Hunting Property for Sale

Water bodies
Next is check out for the presence of river, ponds, swamps, lowlands, or lakes in that region. These are the source of water for the wild animals. They flock at these rivers or lakes etc during the day to quench their thirst and in summers to keep themselves cool from the heat of the scorching sun. Presence of another water body anywhere nearby or around the hunting property is an added benefit for you.

Farmland and crops
Some hunting properties have crops grown on them. Farms or cropland not only add beauty to the land but also become the source of food for different kinds of animals. For example, animals like deer and grouse are attracted towards sunflowers, cloves and corns crops. A farming land nearby the hunting property will also benefit you as animals are bound to come in the region for food. More food and water for animals make better chances of their breeding. You as a buyer should be aware whether the kind of crops grown here are attracting the wild fauna or are they just not much use for a hunting property.

Hunting Property Management
These days Hunting Property Management

Some Factors to Consider Before Buy Land

Proximity to office or place of work

That you have become a land lord is not a reason why your work or business should suffer. This is an important factor to consider before embarking on a building project. I have seen people who have to abandon their business in the city because they moved to their own house in a remote part of the state.

Thereafter they would not be able to make money the way they have been doing before becoming a landlord. Houses that are in far remotes areas could be let out pending the time the owners would be buoyant enough to shoulder the challenges of living there without any regrets.

Proximity to electricity

Electricity is an essential factor to be considered when planning to build your home. Running a home without access to electricity could be very costly and frustrating. It will impact negatively on your budget. It may even impact negatively on your health.

It may not be readily available in your proposed estates at the time of buying the land but it should not be far from its vicinity. The cost of installing electricity to the site

Get Financing for Land

Research is really the number one key when it comes to finding great rates for land and lot mortgages. One of the best rates in the country rate now is lending to 38 of the states with 80% loan to value ratio and 3% interest rate; this is the type of find you have to jump on when they come along. These figures are certainly not average. Today the average loan to value ratio is closer to 60% with interest rates in the range of 6-7%. This is a significant jump from the numbers posted above and in some cases these higher percentages can make or break your dreams of buying your own lot and building your own home.

In order to be approved for one of these hard to get mortgages you will have to have several requirements met. First, you must have a satisfactory income to debt ratio of no more than 45%, the ability to come up with the down payment, 20% if you can find a good lender with good rates but this can be up to 40% in some cases and a credit score in the 700s to qualify without any problems.

Buy and Sell Land for Investments

There are many different ways to find land for sale. This is where that mecca of research known as the internet comes in handy. Typing in ‘Land for Sale’ in your search window will lead to a variety of people trying to unload land. However, like all forms of investing if you do not know what you are doing, you will not succeed. It is best to find cheap land for sale or land with payments for your initial investment.

The truth is that an investment is not worth the effort if it means compromising your finances in order to acquire it. The best method is to buy cheap land for sale preferably not far from a metropolitan area. Everyone knows that cities expand. The key is to hold on to that parcel that you purchased until people start migrating towards your land. Then developers will ‘discover’ you and will make you a substantial offer for your land.

Before you realize it that cheap land for sale made you a lot of money. However, the word cheap is subjective. While certain pieces of land may be listed as cheap. They may be too much to purchase

Used to Value Land

Although total property estimation may be brought forth from direct comparison or income approaches without separating land and building values, it may be needed to value the land separately to detach the land figure from the overall real estate worth. In the cost approach, it is an absolute necessity to estimate land and improvements separately.

Creating an opinion of land value can be presented as a separate hurdle in the valuation process. You may use several techniques to attain an expression of land value including the following:
– Direct Comparison
– Extraction
– Land Residual
– Ground Rent Capitalization
– Subdivision Development
– Allocation

Usually the most accurate and effective of the techniques to derive a land value is the direct comparison approach. However, when there are a limited number of sales available or when the estimate produced needs addition support, other techniques could be used to back up the comparison approach such as the ones previously mentioned. With the allocation technique, either sale transactions of improved properties may be analyzed or the total prices paid would be allocated between land and the improvements. Comparable sites under development may also be analyzed and the cost of

All about Island Real Estate

Living by the beach offers a lifestyle that is unrivalled by any other. The water being so close allows the ability to partake in activities that deviate from the monotony of everyday life with ease. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, diving, boating or just relaxing by the beach, seaside living offers the extraordinary every day with such great ease-of-access to what most would consider luxuries. Santo Vanuatu real estate provides a completely different way of life, while seaside living in Australia can keep you close to the ease and comforts of the big city.

Some of the benefits of seaside living are quite obvious; picturesque scenery, being close to the ocean and enjoying the sun is everything people imagine when they imagine living by the sea. Don’t forget about the health benefits gained from looking at Santo Vanuatu real estate. From the Vitamin D the sun provides, to being able to take a stroll along the beachfront every morning and night, seaside living leads to a healthier lifestyle (as well as a more fulfilling one).

Seaside blocks of land are also seen as sound investments. Anything with an ocean view is unlikely to depreciate in value due to